Rotary Club of
Wendouree Breakfast

Rotary Club of Wendouree Breakfast

PO Box 191, Ballarat, Vic, 3353


President: Vicki Fawcus   0418 143 366

Secretary: Kath Venters   0418 570 726

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2018 Ballarat Ryder-Cheshire Support Gro…

Dianne McGrath and Trish Twaits pictured with President Vicki Fawcus left explained that relief of suffering is the aim of the Ryder-Cheshire Support Group.  Both Dianne and Trish have volunteered overseas...

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2018 Marie Murphy - Inducted - Member 58

Club member number 58, Marie Murphy was inducted into the club on May 2nd 2018. Marie has been given the Rotary Category of Banking Services and will serve on the...

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2018 Judy Crowe -The Pig Farmers Wife

While Judy Crowe suggested she is the pig farmers wife she is in fact an integral part of Western Plains Pork as marketing manager. On Wednesday 14th March 2018 she...

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2018 Sylvia Gray - Hero Town

Psychology undergraduate at Deakin University, Sylvia Gray, (pictured left with Chairman June Driscoll)  is inspired by the words of Neil De Grasse Tyson, who said: “I am driven by two main...

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2018 Debra Hankin - Being a General Prac…

 It’s up to us – our own health and wellbeing is our responsibility - this was message given to members by speaker Debra Hankin on January 24th 2018 Debra commenced her...

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