Rotary Club of
Wendouree Breakfast

Rotary Club of Wendouree Breakfast

PO Box 191, Ballarat, Vic, 3353


President: Vicki Fawcus   0418 143 366

Secretary: Kath Venters   0418 570 726

2017 Catrice Graham "I did feel unsafe when a gun was pointed at me" This is one incident experienced by Catrice Grahame while working in Afghanistan in a medical support team. 

Catrice worked for the British Embassy in Kabul in a medical support team for the staff of the embassy. Her duties were broad, from providing swine fluinjections, physcological support and emergeny support for staff inside and outside the compound including road accidents. Catrice lived in a container inside the compound and always left the relative safety of the compound in an armoured car. 

From Kabul Catrice moved to Kandahar as part of an ambulance 4 person team. Again Catrice resided in a container inside a compound that came under attached from Taliband mortars and rockets. 

Photographs showed the scale of architectural destruction resulting from the long war in the country. Catrice did not mention human casaulties but in our heart and mind we understood the extraordinary task she had been engaged to carry out. 

Catrice now lives quietly in Ballarat were she is is Infection Control Coordinator at Ballarat Health Services. 

Catrice Grahame is pictured above centre with President Joy Rothwell and member Dan Anderson.