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2017 Her Maj Visit Mysteries from behind the curtain and under the stage were a feature of a tour of Her Majesty's Theatre on Wednesday October 25th 2017. The informative  tour was lead by Theatre and Marketing Coordinator Jo Kruse and Architect Wendy Jacobs.

The Her Majesty's opened in 1875 and continues to shine with ongoing maintenance and major upgrades - it is the longest operating theatre in Australia. This claim is narrowly held because a similar theatre in Hobart was closed for a time due to a major fire.

Open for bookings and performances from February to December 23rd each year it accommodates buy in shows, commercial bookings and not for profit groups. 

A 2 million dollar roof replacement will be undertaken in 2018.2017 Her Maj Visit 2

Pictured left: members breakfasting in the Long Room before the tour.

Pictured right:taking to the stage

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