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2018 Pig Farm 2 While Judy Crowe suggested she is the pig farmers wife she is in fact an integral part of Western Plains Pork as marketing 2018 Pig Farm 3 manager. On Wednesday 14th March 2018 she explained that a business must seek opportunities and dare to be different to successfully make it in the market place. 

Emphases for the large pig growing enterprise is being placed on the concept of farm to plate by selling direct into restaurants.

Technology is increasingly becoming a major management tool so all live stock are kept comfortable, fed and watered as they require. One technology recently installed is digital feeding where a tag on the animals ear records who has eaten and how much - this allows for ailing pigs to be identified quickly as their food intake drops.  Animal welfare and the wider environment are managed with a rotation cycle that allows for re-establishment of pasture and soil health.

2018 Pig Farm Twenty one years ago the business started with 40 sows - today the operation has 4000 sows with 1500 babies being born each week and 1500 processed each week.