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2019 Matt Jenkins The Ballarat Foundation aims to make Ballarat a more philanthropic community and help the community build it's own capacity. This was the message of CEO Matt Jenkins at the meeting on February 13th 2019. 

Matt explained that the Ballarat Foundation worked with United Way to ensure money was readily available for identified projects. Projects are focused on four pillars:

  • Early Childhood development
  • Youth success
  • Housing security
  • Food security

Money is sourced from - investment dividends, bequests, donations and fundraising.

Current projects include:

  • managing 'Volunteering Ballarat'
  • Lobbying for food security
  • Organising the 'Run for a Cause' event
  • A book is delivered to preschoolers in the 'Imagination Library' program. 

The Ballarat Foundation is reliant on the Ballarat community.  

Pictured above from left: member Bruce Kendall, Matt Jenkins, member Jeremy Schocroft.