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2019 Ellen Toull RomaniaRecently inducted member Ellen Toull has a passion for community nutrition/health - particularly in developing countries. To further her interest Ellen joined a trip to become a Global Citizen volunteering to work in Romanian Schools through the Challenges Abroad organisation. 

Emotion overflowed as Ellen recalled the rapport she enjoyed with students in Romanian schools during her presentation on March 6th 2019. Ellen explained that the increase in obesity  - world wide - cannot be addressed with fad diets but by embracing plant food from the local region.

Students learnt about foods of their area, the nutritional value of each as well as how to speak and write them in English as well as recognize them in the market.

Ellen is joining another health promotion trip in and around the Sacred Valley in Peru during June 2019 where she will run workshops with students, teachers and the wider community. 

 Ellen pictured left .