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The Rotary Club of Wendouree Breakfast Board 2022 - 2023

June Driscoll
     President Elect
Geoff James
     Immediate Past President
Gitte Lingaard
Jim Nugent
Bruce Norman
     Director – Community Service
Mike Landry
     Director – Membership
Rob McDougall
     Director – Youth Services 
Steve Macaulay
     Director – Foundation/International
Sue Ann Permezel
     Director - Public Image/Public Relations Ellie Beer
     Director - Fundraising Garry McKenzie


     Supporting the Board are a variety of other roles including:

     Almoner Jan Ross
     Environment & Sustainability  Sarah Masters
     Social/Friendship                              Jane Auchettl
     The Collector Kay Macaulay
     Program Officers
Andrew Harman
  Geoff Russell
Phillip Lee
     Training Organiser
Rob McDougall