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2019 Roland Rocchiccioli

A past panel member from the Footy Show shared memories and antidotes from his 10 year stint on the show. Roland Rocchiccioli entertained members as he talked easily and enthusiastically about his television gig at the meeting on Wednesday 22nd May 2019. 

Roland's career began in 1966 and has included: writing, producing, directing, acting, and broadcasting. While appearing on the AFL Footy Show he explained that he had the opportunity to observe elite athletes while forging lasting friendships with some players. Pranks were an integral part of the show - one memorable performance involved the full monty but of course it is "not possible to do things like that now". 

Roland answered questions at the end of the talk. He explained how Ballarat became his home base and how the Ballarat bus service is not user friendly.

Roland is pictured with Joy Rothwell, left and Kath Venters.