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Lauren Murphy2Our 2017 youth program participants, Lauren Murphy and Caleb Bromfield presented to the club on their experiences at the programs they attended recently.
Lauren attended the annual RYLA camp at Kangaroobie from the 8th to the 13th of April. with 30 other young people aged 18-25 years from district 9780. Part of the mystique for Lauren was not knowing what to expect, and then being surprised at the range of activities and learning programs provided. They covered areas such as leadership, what it is and the different types of leadership, public speaking and personal growth. Lauren encouraged the club to continue to support candidates as it was “an unforgettable experience” She is still in touch with around 80% of the participants and has developed new friendships and networks.




Caleb, at just 14 years of age, attended RYPEN at Adekate Lodge in Dean. This was a 3 day experience from the 7th – 9th April.
Caleb spoke about the knowledge he gained from having successful leaders around him, and the skills they were willing to share with the participants. He enjoyed the leadership development and team building activities they undertook including building a house blindfolded whilst being directed by another person. He spoke of the night walks to observe wildlife, and the experience of having a fox walk up and allow them to pat it. The friendship group he has developed from the camp has also had an impact on him, and they have regular contact through “Snapchat” as well as face to face.
Caleb concluded by thanking the Steve Macaulay and the club for providing an opportunity and experience he would not otherwise have had access to.

Caleb Bromfield2




Nicole's Trip To Finland

Nicole Thomas, the Rotary Club of Wendouree Breakfast's outbound Exchange Student left for Finland in January, 2010.

Nicole will spend 12 months in Finland living with Rotary families, attending school and Rotary meeetings.

Nicole is sending us regular updates and photos which are below.


Each year, thousands of young people ages 14-30 take part in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program worldwide.

Participants, who are chosen for their potential as leaders, attend an all-expenses-paid seminar, camp, or workshop to discuss leadership skills and learn them through practice.

Rotary clubs and districts select attendees and facilitate the events. RYLA was officially adopted by Rotary International in 1971, and it is one of the most significant and fastest-growing Rotary service programs.

The Rotary Club of Wendouree Breakfast is actively involved in RYLA and some of our participants can be seen below.

Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment

Advancing talented and skilful young people along the successful path on which they are travelling is one of Rotary’s great achievements but what about young people who are yet to discover their untapped potential?  What happens to the 90% of students in our schools who are not top of the class or captains of the teams, leaders of their school community or already achieving great things?  All they need is the opportunity to boost their confidence and develop a belief in their own abilities?  This is where RYPEN comes in!