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Gambling Harm Awareness

Group of WAM Volunteers, taken from the Women and Mentoring Website.
On Wednesday 23 August we had a very sobering presentation about gambling harm and its effects on individuals and the community from Linda Borner, Community Engagement Officer from CAFs.
The statistics of gambling in Australia are staggering, we have the highest gambling losses per capita in the world.
In Ballarat we spend $140,212 per week on pokies and online gambling is rapidly increasing.
Gambling harm causes financial and emotional stress not only for the gambler but also around 6 others in their lives and only 10% of people seek support.

Some of the barriers for people to seek help are:

  • person doesn't recognise gambling is an issue
  • individual believes they can solve the issue on their own
  • stigma and shame
  • lack of awareness that help/support services are available. 
If you or someone you know needs some help you can reach out to